When this website was being constructed, CHRIST said that an entirely new Fellowship should be formed, based on the two Messages he has given us, which outline the direction that we should try to follow in our thoughts and emotions. That direction is forgiveness , unconditional love and acceptance

There is a tremendously high Divine Purpose – behind the formation of Christ’s Fellowship. It is the very first gathering of truly spiritual seekers and thinkers to work together to create a special CONSCIOUSNESS FABRIC which will gradually manifest as a new quality of spiritual life in our daily lives.

With the dedicated, loving assistance of the Christ Workers in this Fellowship, day by day, the CONSCIOUSNESS FABRIC of the new Era of Love, Peace, and Joyous Living, will increase in strength and volume. To begin with, the work done by the Christ Workers will be reaping of its sowing and they will discover their efforts are being energised by Spirit and their needs are being fulfilled. Spiritual Benefits will also reach into normal human living conditions, but as the work gathers momentum, it will begin to produce visible results in communities which will themselves join the Fellowship and adopt their mode of meditation and prayer. So will Divine Consciousness be drawn into larger and larger areas of human existence and the Love, Peace and Joyous living will begin to be manifested in wider and wider areas of those countries which have joined Christ’s Fellowship.

This is the true purpose behind the formation of this Fellowship of Christ’s Way.

It will be truly CHRIST’S OWN WAY beginning to grow on earth, lived and radiated by the spiritually inspired Fellows of CHRIST’S FELLOWSHIP of CHRIST’S WAY .

It is within the confines of Christ’s Fellowship that we intend to amass a throng of joyous people who are ascending from the human ego planes into the love and harmony of Christ’s Way.

I am now descending from the spiritual contemplation of Christ’s Fellowship and all that it intends to eventually achieve……….down………. to the mundane plane of human endeavour . I have to admit that our initial delivery of promised e.mails and Schedule of Meditation & Prayer was delayed and chaotic because we were swamped with e.mail addresses and no new workable system to deal with them. This caused many people to wonder if we were the honest, straightforward Conveyors of Christ’s Truth, they had believed we were.

I am now asking for sympathetic understanding from Christ’s Way Fellowship . If we do not always come up to your expectations, please quieten your fears, and remember the little miracle that so few people manage a unique enterprise. Should we unwillingly disappoint you in the future, may I suggest you simply love us, send us your blessing to keep the Spiritual Essence of our operation still alive and glowing.

Will you bear with me whilst I explain how we have organised the Fellowship of Christ’s Way.

Originally, we referred to ‘Members’ and ‘Fellows’ but translation of the word ‘Fellow’ proved impossible and after some thought and suggestions, I lit on ‘Christ’s Worker’ . Christ’s Worker, because this is definitely the truthful description of their daily work with the Schedule of Meditation & Prayer.
They have pledged themselves to give a certain amount of time (of their own choice) daily to meditation and prayer to lift the consciousness of the world to eventually create an Era of Love, Peace and Joy.

MEMBER’ is the name we are using for those who want to join Christ’s Way, read and adhere to the teachings in Christ’s Letters, and to receive information and e.mails from Christ’s Way but do not want to join in the work of daily Meditation and Prayer. A Member belongs to Christ’s Way just as truly and strongly as ‘CHRIST’S WORKER

MEMBER & CHRIST’S WORKER will be known jointly, together, as Fellows of CHRIST’S WAY FELLOWSHIP

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